Baseline Tests

Concussion Champions Rehabilitation is pleased to offer baseline concussion testing to adults, children (ages five years and older), and athletes participating in local youth leagues such as football, hockey, soccer, softball, and baseball leagues. A baseline test is a precautionary tool which helps to assess and interpret post-injury evaluations. The test screens the individual's existing symptoms, concentration, neurological function, and balance systems. 

What to Expect: Appointments for a baseline concussion test will take approximately 30 minutes. For individuals aged 5 to 8 years old, one parent or guardian should accompany their child during the test. Your child will be asked to repeat memorized series of words and numbers, describe photographs, review any concussion-related symptoms they may be experiencing, and undergo a balance screening. For individuals 9 years and older, testing, such as memory, reaction time, and balance, will be completed using an app on your phone. This testing can be completed in groups as large as 5 individuals at a time.

A summary of the assessment will be discussed with the patient and parent/guardian immediately following the test. The patient and parent/guardian will be educated in symptoms of a concussion and what to do you if suspect a concussion.  If the patient experiences a concussion, the full baseline evaluation can be shared with the patient's medical provider upon request. 

Who We Are: Concussion Champions Rehabilitation LLC is a specialized physical therapy practice located in Mt. Pleasant, PA. Services are provided by Jillian Rumbaugh, a licensed Physical Therapist.