Therapy Services

Concussion Champions Rehabilitation provides baseline concussion testing to athletes 5 years of age and older.  A baseline test is a precautionary tool that helps assess and interpret post-injury evaluations. The test screens a patients existing symptoms, concentration, neurological function, and balance systems. 

Sports Medicine

We provide physical therapy services to treat any orthopedic injury or ailment.  If you have an overuse shoulder injury, nagging knee pain, or chronic shin splints, just to name a few, we can evaluate the problem and address the cause of the impairment.  By treating the underlying cause of overuse injury, we aim to reduce frequency and severity of injury.   Contact us today for an evaluation or questions about your pain. No physician referral necessary.

Post-Injury Evaluation

If you have been diagnosed or have a suspected concussion, we can provide you a physical/vestibular therapy evaluation. The evaluation includes an assessment of the different systems and functions of the brain most commonly injured from a concussion. The evaluation is conducted by a licensed Physical Therapist with Direct Access Authorization. This authorization allows you to receive treatment without a referral from a physician for up to 30 calendar days from the date of the first treatment.

Post-Injury Treatment

Concussion Champions Rehabilitation provides individualized treatment plans to our patients. You will be treated by the same licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy during each of your appointments. The goal of treatment after a concussion is to successfully manage your symptoms. The treatment plan is tailored to specifically help decrease your symptoms and to help you return to your normal daily activities, whether it be school, work, or sports.

Exertion Training

After sustaining concussion you may suffer from exercise intolerance.  Exercise intolerance is a common symptom following a concussion in which a step-wise return to play/activity protocol is followed to ensure proper healing from the concussion.  This is known as Exertion Therapy or Exertion Training.  The American Medical Society for Sports Medicine recommends all concussion symptoms should be resolved before returning athletes to sport using a step-wise increase in exercise and sport specific activities.  We can come to your field, gym, or rink to help you through the return to play protocol in a safe and effective manner.  By coming to your “field” of play, we can help you train in your specific environment to help get you back to the game quicker.

Post-Concussion Syndrome

Post Concussion Syndrome (PCS) is having persistent concussion symptoms beyond the anticipated recovery time after the initial injury. PCS symptoms can last months to years. Some of these common symptoms that we can treat include headaches, neck pain, and dizziness. Concussion Champions Rehabilitation can also evaluate for other possible causes of persistent symptoms and provide treatment to help manage your symptoms.